I have always been interested in sculptures and in paper-mache as an art medium. Paper mache is such a versatile incredible material, even though most people think this material is rather for school or kindergarten projects.

During my life I've had many connections to this material, as a child my mother tought me to make puppets out of it.

During the time I lived in Mexico, I participated in an "Alebrije" workshop, where we made traditional mexican "Alebrijes" out of wire and paper.

When I lived in China, I had a piñata business that made me even learn more about the characteristics of paper-mache.

In Sweden I participated in several clay and mixed media sculpturing courses and I started making lamps and sculptures out of paper-mache.

In Canada I had my first exhibition of paper-mache sculptures. (Monsters and dragons) in cooperation with Hugo Boss Canada.

In Italy I have made the collection "Birds" which was exhibited recently at Cantine Fumanelli and VinItaly 2012 in Verona.